Supercomputer requires hardware, software and computation. In Sudan and in Africa in general, there are no faculties, departments and even courses of computation in the universities. This computational gap has hindered researchers from utilizing the supercomputer. It is our aim to close this computational
gap by the training we provide. In the training, sometimes we focus on existing supercomputer application softwares at other time we focus on the writing of codes to develop similar software. For the existing codes, the training will show
the in depth computational algorithms and their limitations. For the writing of the codes, the training will show how the computations and its approximation or limitation will need to be expressed as a source code. Both approaches have their advantages. However, writing codes alows the researcher to be
able to change the equations that describe the problem. The courses are arranged for two hours , every week for three months. They will be in video which can be downloaded. There will be tutorials and assignments.