About 2010 , my Sheikh from Medina Munewera, Saudi Arabia ordered me to go to Sudan, open a computer training center and teach people computer. These simple instructions have a lot of weight. As a result, I designed the Sudan Supercomputer with the help of the Supercomputer Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, got the grant for 7.5 million dollars from the Chinese government to the government of Sudan and got the Sudan supercomputer installed in Sudan, at Sudatel Data Center. The ownership now belongs to the Sudan Ministry of Higher Education. As per instruction of my sheikh, a supercomputer training center called Almahad Almutaagadema Specialized Computer Training Center (AASCTC) was officially established and registered in Sudan. AASCTC focuses only on supercomputer applications software developments in any field of studies and training. This also includes industrial intelligent supercomputers. It became very clear after the installation of the Sudan Supercomputer, that supercomputer technology requires a network of supercomputer communities. AASCTC was instrumental in promoting the Ethiopian supercomputer and the Nigerian supercomputer. This network addresses the issue of financing Supercomputer projects and Capacity building. With the help of the Chinese academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, it is now possible to have PhD candidates register at Kano University of Science and Technology, get supervised by Chinese academy of Science professors and do the project on Chinese supercomputer. AASCTC is also arranging PhD scholarships for the candidates who want to follow Sheikh Bukhari’s way, Medina Munewera, in these PhD programs. As for software development, networking with Nigeria solves the financial problems. We have come a long way since the instruction was given from Medina Munewera. AASCTC is here to serve you master supercomputer technology and go beyond. We have now introduced on-line programs to have international reach. This website is your site and for your service.

Prof Hussein Sherief

Sheikh Bukhari

Sheikh Bukhari

Sheikh Tayfur

نفحات الرسول
في نقائب ابن أصول
Biography of Sheikh Bukhari by Sheikh Tayfur

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